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Established in 1991, the Cape Falconry Club (CFC) was created due to a desire to practice it legally in the Cape. The club’s founder, who arrived in the Cape in 1986, worked tirelessly for four years to gain the support of Nature Conservation, promising valuable data collection and scientific contributions. The club’s efforts led to the legalization of falconry in the Cape and the issuance of permits to take birds from the wild for falconry.

CFC has always been a pioneer, introducing the use of exotic birds for falconry, promoting the use of telemetry, and advocating for open seasons based on the ‘Let it lie’ principle. The club has also been proactive in engaging with other interest groups, educating the public about falconry, and contributing to scientific knowledge with 28 published papers by its members.

CFC’s influence has extended beyond the Cape, with its founding members instrumental in the conceptualization of the South African Falconry Association (SAFA) and the formation of other clubs. The club’s legacy continues to inspire and guide falconry practice in South Africa, ensuring its future as a legal field sport.

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Freg Hagen

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